Video: Fully-Custom 1964 1/2 Ford Mustang Capable of 820 Horsepower

When you think of the 1964-1/2 Ford Mustang, the first year Mustang to come off of Ford’s assembly line, normally one conjures up images of a garage queen stock down to every unmolested bolt in its body, or they picture a pony that is left to sit in a garage only to be driven to that¬†occasional sunny weekend car show. Arguably, these Mustangs came a dime-a-dozen with 121,538 coupes and ‘verts produced in the its very first year, and not many come remotely close to putting down 800 horsepower.

Here¬†is a classic Mustang of a different color – and just about everything else too. This custom classic has received a modern heart transplant in the form of a modified 2007 GT500 5.4L engine topped with a Kenne-Bell “Mammoth” supercharger. With that setup, this beast is ready to throw down 820 horsepower.

Not only is the drivetrain completely modern complete with an overdrive transmission, the front suspension has been upgraded to Sean Hyland and aluminum subframe, and the rear features a Control Freak IRS. The exhaust all the way down to the tips has been hand-built for the car. Stopping all of that power are electric power brakes with Wilwood discs on all four corners.

The interior is full of¬†goodies including a¬†hand-built custom steel dash, custom machined bezels, a modified fiberglass console, classic instruments and gauges, Vintage Air air conditioning, and custom upholstery.¬†Cosmetic upgrades include narrowed bumpers with shaved bolts, custom wheels by Boze Alloy, powder-coated trim and suspension components. and a custom cowl hood to clear that massive “Mammoth” supercharger.

This Mo’ Muscle modified Mustang is a fully custom classic; a force to be reckoned with on the streets, and we guarantee that it turns heads everywhere it goes whether cruising or at a car show surrounded by its old-school¬†and modern brethren. With a license plate that says 820HP 65, how can it not?


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