Video: Adam Carolla And Ken Miles’ Original Ford GT40

Adam Carolla took a trip to the Shelby Museum to check out some of the most iconic vehicles ever made. One of the vehicles on display there happens to be the original Ford GT40 that was driven by Ken Miles in one of the most infamous races of all time.

The car had already proven itself by winning at Daytona when Miles drove it at Le Mans. Miles was also one of the drivers of this particular car when it won Daytona so he was already in tune with the car and had the Le Mans win in the bag. The win would have awarded Miles the triple crown of racing-Daytona, Sebring, and Le Mans. As the story goes though, Miles was told to slow down so that Ford could get its one, two, three photo finish of the three cars crossing the line. This last minute request from Ford allowed Bruce McLaren to pull ahead in his black GT40 and actually win the race.

The car has been kept in near perfect condition and is worth an estimated $25-35,000,000. Another car at the museum is an Mk IV that set the speed record for the GT40 on the Mulsanne straight. A record that, unless they remove the Chicanes, will never be broken. The Shelby Museum is located in Boulder, Colorado and is open for anyone interested in seeing some of the most iconic Shelby vehicles ever. The collection comprises some of the rarest and most valuable cars ever put on display. The museum also has an extensive collection of memorabilia and photographs that document the history of other iconic figures such as Carol Shelby, Enzo Ferrari, and Henry Ford.

The automotive world has a full and rich history made up of some of the most innovative and trail blazing people that are worth remembering and celebrating and museums like these help keep the automotive spirit alive.

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