Video: LSA Moves The Wheels of This Custom 1967 Camaro Convertible

Everyone has their own taste in cars. One build that is just jaw dropping to someone may only draw a shrug out of the person standing next to them but every now and then, there’s a build that is undeniable. One that everyone can agree on. One like this 1967 Convertible Camaro.

When building a universally liked car, it seems logical that a good rule of thumb would be less is more, right? But Troy Harston was not setting out to build his Camaro for anyone else. Instead, he was only interested in expressing himself with his hobby or art, if you will. However, what he created was worthy of not only being invited to the Pigeon Forge Rod Run as part of the Dirty Dozen but was also called out by ScottieD as one of the Top Five.

The Scottsville, Kentucky native started on the 1967 Convertible Camaro seven years ago. The restoration project turned into a very extreme first-generation build. The Camaro was stretched about 5.5-inches and rides on a full Detroit Speed suspension and features a Ford 9-inch rear end.

Under the hood is a supercharged LSA engine backed by a 6l90e transmission. One of the road blocks with putting this particular powertrain in an older car is the wiring harness for the transmission. BP Automotive made a custom wiring harness that fit both the Camaro and the transmission perfectly.

Harston finished the car in a very fitting shade of red that is accented by chrome trim and wheels. The interior is fitted with a 1959 dash and a custom upholstery. This car is certain to make its rounds through the circuit of shows and ScottieD has also stated that he is planning a feature of the car at a later date and we will keep you posted on that and any other sightings that may arise.

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