Video: Classic 442 Hiding A Secret Under The Hood

Oldsmobile is known best in the car community for the 442, that collection of numbers represents the car’s four-barrel carb, four-speed manual, and dual-outlet exhaust. Ironically enough, many of the 442s came with three-speed automatic transmissions. On that note, this car is also equipped with a different set of numbers despite the name. The beautiful body lines complement the black paint perfectly, this almost finished vehicle is the perfect classic A-body GM car. Unfortunately, while the side profile is perfect, the interior has some work to be done. However, it should be no problem for the great Jay Leno.

The aforementioned number variation refers to a total of three two-barrel carburetors helping the 400 cubic-inch engine pushing out a beefy 360 horsepower. That power was comparable to the GTO at the time, with a few added luxury items. Another addition is the Hurst performance package that gives the car a special unique edge over some of the other classic A-bodies out there. The truck is massive and the red, orange, and yellow 442 badge helps to hint at a high-performance luxury classic. Thankfully the undercarriage appears to be driven, many classic car owners are terrified of putting any mileage on their cars and it’s refreshing to see that it has been driven.

Exhaust sounds coming from the tailpipe remind one of the first age of muscle cars. Raw and unbridled, this 442 speeds down the road roaring and turning heads in its wake. The fully restored interior is also extremely comfortable and Jay Leno describes it as “something you could drive to San Francisco in.” While the brakes squeak and the dash needs replacing, when finished, the car will be a perfect example of one of the most exciting classic muscle cars to come out of the GM lineup.

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