Video: 1963 AMC Rambler Widebody is a Hot Wheels Dream Come to Life

As children we all played with hot wheels growing up, no matter if you were a car enthusiast or not, the wide fender flares, commanding aggressive facias, and the wicked tracks amazed our young minds and have continued to do so for generations. However, as adults, most of the cars we see every day are “plain jane” or boring. We don’t usually see a vehicle that truly fascinates us like Hot Wheels did, as car enthusiasts, we opt to build our cars to fit our specific wants and needs. You might have noticed that some companies set out to recreate this allure, however, none have managed to pull it off quite like the subject of today’s discussion.

Susy Bauter is the proud owner of a wicked fast AMC Rambler wagon which has been equipped with a widebody. Due to the car’s release on Halloween at SEMA and the ridiculous widebody fender flares, the owner and fabricator decided that they’d call it “The Flare Witch Project” named after a horror movie of a similar name. The name stuck and after a difficult 2 years of non-stop work the build was finally complete. Many have made the comparison between this and a Hot Wheels car in large part to the flares which extend a full 8 inches on either side. While the original plan was to autocross the car with the factory 6 cylinder flat-head engine and three on the tree transmission, things quickly changed after having driven her friend’s car which was a Camaro equipped with a 6.2-liter LS engine.

Naturally, this progressed into her swapping the 80-ish horsepower flat-head 6 for a 5.3-liter LS V8. Sitting on a set of 315 tires wrapped around some 18-inch wheels this car has a ridiculously noticeable stance. Handling and braking are conducted through the use of 6-piston Baer brakes, BFGoodrich Rival tires, a first-generation Camaro subframe, and, because it is an autocross car, fifth-generation Camaro independent rear suspension. Another surprise waiting in the suspension department is the full Berserker Active Shock system which helps to give the car modern performance and handling. This is an insane Rambler that packs a huge amount of unexpected power and autocross proficiency and we hope to see it soon in its natural habitat on the track.

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