Video: Driving A 1968 Mustang Bullitt Through Dubai


When most people think of the car scene in Dubai, high-end exotics such as Lambos, Ferraris and Zondas come to mind. According to Mike Musto, host on Drive‘s Big Muscle, the classic American car scene has caught on and is growing fast. Just take a look at this beautiful 1968 Ford Mustang fastback “Bullitt” complete with correct Highland Green paint and replica Torque Thrust wheels.

Before coming across this car, the owner had never seen a 1968 Mustang in person, only on television where it was likely being chased by a ’68 Dodge Charger through the streets of San Francisco. When he came across this beaut in Colorado, it was a complete mess without a dashboard, and it was in desperate need of some body work and a paint job.

This Mustang started life as a 289, but it is now a fuel-injected 347 stroker connected to a T5 transmission making it sound and perform like an absolute beast. In regards to suspension, it has been kept pretty much stock besides QA1 adjustable shocks. Not only does it have that muscle performance and sound, it handles like a dream and has that classic muscle stance.


Dubai is insanely hot most of the year, so these small and big block muscle cars don’t get out but for a couple months a year. Like almost anything and everything in triple digit heat, these cars just don’t perform well under immense heat.

The sandy UAE desert¬†could easily be mistaken for Arizona or Southern California desert if it weren’t for the herd of camels crossing the highway. After the camels had passed through and getting back up to speed, a ’70s red Ford truck tests the speed of the classic Mustang while it tackles the sand as if it had been converted into some free-running dune buggy. Dubai looks to be the car enthusiasts’ dream.


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