VIDEO: Modern Mustang VS. Pro-Touring Fastback

Pro-Touring is what happens when you take a modified classic muscle car, and implement it with the the feel and mannerisms of its contemporary counterpart. CR Supercars did just that when they created the “Villain” ’68 Mustang Fastback for the SEMA Show. Just what are the differences between a pro-touring car and an actual modern one, though? Matt Farrah test drives both the “Villain” and a 2015 Mustang GT to share his insights on that matter.

When someone mentions SEMA car, the instant thought is something cool. However that isn’t always the case, as Matt points out. In many cases the cars are rushed to be finished and it shows. On the “Villain,” the hood doesn’t latch, the rear tire rubs a bit, and the belts are more for show than function. However, it still is an awesome ride.

The “Villain” is powered by a Boss 302 with a 6-speed transmission and weighing 300 pounds lighter than its modern counterpart, it is quite powerful. Matt exclaims that the “Villain” Mustang is incredibly loud, both inside and out. However it has the distinct rumble equated with the modern Mustang, that most Ford enthusiasts would enjoy the noise. Matt doesn’t care much for the Wilwood brakes either, but that seems to be his own personal preference. All in all, the “Villain” seems to have a good balance of old with new.

Speaking of new, the 2015 Mustang GT can be said to be the first actual modern Mustang. Up until this point, Ford had been using a solid rear axle; which is great for drag racing but put the pony behind the rest of its class on the street. The independent rear axle and performance tires of the 2015 made for a great handling ride and the interior was full of modern luxuries: auto wipers, auto lights, Shaker radio, and Ford touch. Matt’s only real complaint was that the clutch had little or no feel compared to the other pedals.

The “Villain,” while wickedly cool, is a bit pricey for the average enthusiast. In your author’s opinion, if you want that modern feel, the actual modern car is the best bang for your buck.


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