VIDEO: Ken Block’s Climbkhana at Pikes Peak in Hoonicorn V2

At this point, the name Ken Block is synonymous with mind-blowing driving and awesome videos. Block is the co-founder of DC Shoes, a world-famous rallycross driver, and the star of some of the coolest driving videos on the planet. This driving rockstar slides behind the wheel of his 1965 Mustang, that’s had quite a bit of updates since the last Gymkhana appearance, to take on a new challenge: the Climbkhana.

Since his last viral video in the Mustang, Block and his team decided the Pony car needed more power, so it got just that from a set of turbochargers and a methanol injection system. Block has offered that he feels like the car may be trying to kill him, and it’s a pretty frightening car to drive.

Climbkhana documents the drive up Pikes Peak in his 1,400-horsepower Mustang, and it might be the most daring drive he’s done, at least in front of a video camera. This setting is naturally one you’d want to choose to test out a car that scares you to death.

The course that Ken Block covers in this video is 12 miles of 156 turns at 14,000 feet. Block, in true Ken Block fashion, does not take it safe either; throughout the course, he doesn’t hold back.

Throwing caution to the wind, Ken Block puts on a show, kicking the back end out, burning off the tires, and doing some sketchy drifting, when all it would take is one wrong move to cause the driver certain injury. But like with any pro like Block, he knows how to keep us on the edge of your seat, and put on a show for those of us who wouldn’t dare take this course going 45 mph in our grandpa’s Volvo.

Well-played, once again, Mr. Block, you have proven that you are still the king of the streets!

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