VIDEO: The 1965 Ford ‘Vicious’ Mustang Visits Jay Leno’s Garage

The annual SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) show in Las Vegas, Nevada is one of the biggest automotive trade shows in the world;¬†a plethora¬†of manufacturers, aftermarket suppliers,¬†and specialty builders¬†present their latest creations to tens of thousands of attendees,¬†but you’d better have your golden ticket, as the show is not open to the general public.

Like Willy Wonka’s factory,¬†SEMA will stimulate the senses, dazzling¬†your eyes¬†and quickening your pulse; some of the more outrageous machines will leave you breathless.¬†One such automotive concoction¬†at SEMA 2016 was the¬†ultra-high¬†performance 1965 Ford Mustang¬†known simply¬†as ‘Vicious,’ which Jay Leno describes as “So far from stock, it’s hilarious.”

Created in nine months (and 10,000 man hours) by the team at Timeless Kustoms in Camarillo, California, Vicious is a marvel of technology and craftsmanship. The crew began with a solid 1965 Mustang coupe as their canvas, but soon began modifying every aspect of the car. The Art Morrison chassis features C7 Corvette style suspension with RideTech components, gigantic 15.5-inch Brembo carbon ceramic brakes, and late-model Camaro-based independent rear suspension.

The satin silver body,¬†constructed of both steel and aluminum,¬†is extensively modified and¬†displays large fender flares to accommodate the large 19×12 and 19×14 Forgeline wheels. The rear of the car was altered to accept a fastback roof, and custom fender vents were fabricated to house the turbochargers. Jason Pecikonis of Timeless Kustoms states, “The aesthetics are really based on the functionality of the car.”

Under the steel hood is a compound boosted, E-85 fed 5.1-liter Ford Coyote that develops a massive 1,000 horsepower. The earth-moving power is achieved by two 68 mm Precision turbos AND a 2.3-liter MagnaCharger supercharger. Boost control, air and fuel delivery, and other aspects are controlled by a MoTeC ECU. An EMCO Gears, paddle-shifted 6-speed transmission handles the high horsepower and torque with aplomb. These modifications combine to create one of the most serious, race-ready Mustangs on the planet.

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