Video: The ‘Evolution’ Of Car Building

Vice President of SpeedKore, David Salvaggion is back on Jay Leno’s Garage presenting the companies latest venture. The creators of the “Midget Racer” and the “Tantrum” Challenger will be producing 70, all carbon fiber, 1970 Dodge Charger bodies offering an alternative to very hard to find metal replacement body panels and the use of body fillers when restoring a classic Charger. Proving that carbon fiber is the future of the auto and restoration industries, SpeedKore has assembled an all carbon fiber 1970 Dodge Charger – The Evolution. 

Weighing in at around 3,400 pounds, nearly 1,000 pounds less than an original Charger, the Evolution is best described as a 1970 Demon. Utilizing a Dodge Demon engine and a Hellcat six-speed manual transmission the car is surly to say in the least but as you would expect from any well put together vehicle, it is full of comfort features as well. After what seemed to be a thrilling and comfortable test drive, Leno and Salvaggion head to the garage to explore what makes the Evolution so revolutionary. 

Every part of the body is made in-house of prepreg Torayca carbon fiber material in SpeedKore’s autoclave, and then clear coated, giving the car a warm bronze hue. The door handles and trim are CNC machined out of 6061 aluminum. While most parts on the Evolution are custom fabricated, the car did keep the 1970 stock shape glass and tail lights in an effort by SpeedCore to update everything that was amazing about the 70’s Charger. The attention to detail is absolutely shocking, as even the fiber weaves line up with the weaves of the next part. 

The interior is every bit as unique with a well fitted and thoughtfully placed roll cage, Classic Industries satellite gauges and carbon fiber pistol grip shifter. Adding modern comfort and styling to the 70’s design, the car also features a leather wrapped dash with carbon fiber and CNC aluminum overlays. As far as comfort features, A/C and heat are also included. 

The Evolution is a prime example of the future of car building. Any of the carbon fiber panels can be used as a replacement for the respective metal panels on a 1968 to 1970 Dodge Charger using a 3M structure adhesive. Not only is it stronger than welding on a metal panel, it can be painted or clear coated. With the creation of the Evolution, SpeedKore has produced a solution to the ever increasing problem of hard to find metal panels that car builders and restorers have had to endure up until now. 

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