WATCH: Check Out This 601 Cubic-Inch Mustang at the Hot Rod Reunion

The Holley Hot Rod Reunion is an event held every year in Bowling Green, Kentucky that packs in some of the hottest and baddest muscle cars and hot rods from all over the country. You can say that at the forefront of the show is the dragstrip. No matter what brand you’re into, you’re going to see something that catches your eye. If you’re a Ford guy, and you attended last year’s event, then you probably caught a certain red fastback Mustang on the ‘strip.

With an iconic body style that looks like it’s galloping at full trot just sitting still, this first-ten Mustang packs over 600 cubic-inches — 601 to be exact, and it’s quite the powerhouse. What intrigues us the most, is the layout; no electronic fuel injection, no supercharger, no blower and no nitrous. Just raw, unbridled horsepower and torque with a large displacement engine.

Discovered in Michigan by its current owner, which he traded a Maverick for, it wasn’t long until the engine that was in the car upon purchase gave up the ghost, and in went the fresh 601. Featuring some great Holley hardware like the Dominator carburetor and MSD wires, what’s immediately noticeable is the plexiglass cover over the carb.

With an otherwise hush-hush recipe for performance, the car is running very low-9s in the quarter-mile. Though the details are very minimal in the video, it’s a great clip with an amazing car that will leaving you wanting more at the end.

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