New Edelbrock Performer RPM Cylinder Head for 2003-present Gen III Mopar HEMI Engines

These Edelbrock Hemi heads represent the latest salvo to be fired in the eternal horsepower war. Owners of new Mopar Hemi engines are really starting to see the aftermarket come through with some awesome upgrades! While they still don’t have the range of high-performance choices fans of GM’s LS-series engines have, it’s getting closer!

Based on the incredible power numbers the factory engines are making already, the addition of some porter-friendly heads with improved valve sizes and angles will certainly make the future brighter for late-model Mopar fans. Congrats to the engineers at Edelbrock for bringing this long-awaited cylinder head to the market. We can’t wait to see these showing up under the hoods of hot street and track machines, and making huge power!

Official Release:

Edelbrock is excited to announce the release of its much-anticipated Performer RPM cylinder head for 2003-Present Gen III HEMI® engines.

The Edelbrock Performer RPM is a bolt-on performance upgrade for 2003-Present Gen III HEMI® 5.7L, 6.1L, 6.2L and 6.4L engines. It’s designed with the Eagle intake and exhaust port location and can be used with the 5.7L Eagle and later stock intake manifold, exhaust manifolds, valve covers, rockers, spark plugs and accessories, as well as Hellcat components. These cylinder heads have been machined to be used on either the driver or passenger side of the block.


  • Fully CNC-machined combustion chambers
  • CNC-profiled bowls and port entries/exits for improved airflow
  • More material in the deck
  • Reinforced combustion chambers for increased cylinder pressures
  • Reinforced rocker bosses for improved stability and strength
  • Extra material added around the intake and exhaust ports (to allow for porting)
  • Increased valve seat diameters for improved heat transfer and durability
  • The intake and exhaust valves have been tipped away from the bore wall to accommodate the larger valves, while maintaining compatibility with OEM valvetrain components.

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