Custom Tailored Classic Chevy VIN Decoder


Classic Chevy owners know that there’s a serious lack of reliable information when it comes to research on their own car – at least on the digital front. What’s worse, what is available and out there is kind of a mess — and the tools meant to help out just seem to confuse. If you’ve ever found yourself struggling with a VIN “decoder,” you’re not alone.

When it comes to VIN decoding, it’s more like trying to read the dead sea scrolls. We’ve found a really good tool to help classic Chevy owners, it can be found here, this is what we’ve learned about it. This VIN decoder tool has been tested extensively, and we would encourage you to check it out. Use if before buying parts, even used ones. VIN based transactions are largely more accurate than using any other information to buy.

It’s also a good tool for buying or selling a classic. You can quickly plug the VIN in and find out if the seller is giving you accurate information, and also be able to tell how original a car really is. As a seller, you’ll earn more trust and credibility when you can accurate list off exact specifications and production info.

Basically, you can use the VIN decoder to either confirm accurate restoration of a car, or use it to get the right parts for your own restoration project.

The tool was made using original GM documents to determine VIN patterns. Just like the many VIN decoder tools for modern GMs, this tool shows:

  • Engine Type
  • Assembly Plant
  • Body Style
  • Series
  • Trim
  • Year

Details vary somewhat by vehicle. Currently, it’s only setup to accept Tri-Five, Impala, and Chevy II/Nova VINs. We have word that more Chevy models are being processed, and should be compatible with this tool

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