Edelbrock’s “Get Fueled” Rebate Promotion – Get $300 Back! May 1 – June 30

Edelbrock‘s “Get Fueled” Rebate Promotion – Get $300 back when you purchase a new Pro-Flo 3 EFI System between May 1st and June 30th!

If you’re considering an upgrade to electronic fuel injection for this summer, now is a great time to purchase one of Edelbrocks Pro-Flo 3 systems. They are offering a $300 rebate when you purchase, and you can get this rebate whether you get the stand-alone Pro-Flo 3 system or if you purchase an Edelbrock crate engine with the Pro-Flo 3 system installed.

The Pro-Flo 3 system is a step up from Edelbrock’s E-Street throttle-body EFI setup. Pro-Flo 3 offers the precise efficiency only a fully-sequential port injection EFI system can deliver. It injects the fuel directly into the intake air flow right at the intake port, with an injector for each cylinder. This allows for better fuel atomization and precise, even fuel distribution.

The key to the system is the exclusive E-Tuner application with base calibrations that have been developed on Edelbrock’s in-house dyno. The E-Tuner app uses a Bluetooth wireless connection to communicate with the ECU’s self-learning capability to continually adjust the fuel and ignition calibrations to maximize the performance of your engine. The E-Tuner features a simple, easy to use setup wizard to help you get started. Best of all, the E-Tuner app is free and can be downloaded from the Google Play store, allowing you to use your personal Android-based smart phone or tablet.

Another great feature of Pro-Flo 3 is the ability to control both fuel and spark from the E-Tuner app while you’re driving! There is no need to pull over and make adjustments on the side of the road. The E-Tuner app gives you complete control of the system with the ability to adjust air-fuel ratio, ignition curve, idle speed, acceleration fuel, coolant fans, rev limiter, and much more. The system also includes multiple dash displays to allow you to monitor engine vitals and performance from your Android smart phone or tablet while you’re driving.

Features Include:

  • Ready to run right out of the box with preloaded base calibrations
  • Converting to EFI will increase engine performance and gas mileage
  • No laptop tuning required – system will adjust the calibration to continually improve engine performance as the vehicle is driven
  • Offered with 29 lb/hr injectors for smaller cubic inch engines that support up to 550 horsepower, and with 35 lb/hr injectors for larger displacement engines that support up to 625 horsepower
  • Capable of direct driving an ignition coil – no CDI box necessary
  • Available for standard and Vortec-/E-Tec- style intake manifold bolt pattern designs
  • Choose from a return-style or our unique Universal Fuel Sump (sold separately)
  • Industry leading dedicated support staff to assist and answer any question
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