KBS Coatings Announces Their Latest Product: Rust Converter

If it’s one thing that can be said about KBS Coatings, it’s that they’ve been cranking out new product nonstop over the last couple of years. From engine coater, chassis paint, and more, KBS is making your restoration project much easier. Their latest product is this Rust Converter. Designed as a simple, easy to apply, rust preventer and primer, this eliminates a few, time-sucking steps to get your project vehicle back on the road quicker!

Official Release:

KBS Coatings Rust Converter

KBS Coatings Rust Converter chemically converts rust into a permanent, hard, and highly durable black surface. KBS Rust Converter is directly sprayed onto any iron or steel object that has tightly bonded rust, or surface rust, to kill the existing rust and stop new rust from forming. This quick drying Rust Killer forms an inert primer layer that can stand alone or be painted over. 

KBS Rust Converter saves time by eliminating the needed for scraping and sanding metal surfaces before topcoat applications, which is especially advantageous when time to complete the project is limited or the object is large. One 12 oz. aerosol can covers approximately 20 sq. ft of surface. 

For more information go to https://www.kbs-coatings.com/kbs-rust-converter.html or call (888) 531-4527.


  • Quick-drying product
  • Applies easily
  • Stops rust, also serves as a primer
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