Dakota Digital Releases the Retrotech Series for 1962-1976 Nova

Nova RTX

Chevy Novas are one of the most popular, budget-friendly “Golden Age” muscle cars that you can still obtain fairly easily. Their prescribed drivetrains are ripe for modifications, the cars are light, rear-wheel drive and can be built to suit just about any taste.

Often overshadowed by their Chevrolet siblings, the Camaro and Chevelle, the Nova can be considered nearly as popular by those own the know. That includes our friend in the aftermarket, namely, Dakota Digital.

Dakota Digital has offered direct-fit, plug and play gauge clusters for a number of years for some of our favorite muscle cars, and the Nova is no exception. Just recently, they’ve added one more option to their catalogue for the Nova.

Official Release:


Dakota Digital is proud to unveil the Retrotech Series of instrumentation fitting the 1962-65, 1966-67 and 1969-76 Chevy Novas.

The RTX series is the latest from Dakota Digital, focused on retaining that stock look without sacrificing the late-model features you love. Every effort has been put forth to incorporate OEM design elements regarding the layout, face styling and indicators. A casual glance may dismiss these as original equipment, but once you hit the switch and the LED backlighting comes on in your favorite color scheme, all doubts will be removed.

When opening the vehicle’s door, the vintage-looking rolling odometer provides a stock appearance. Turning on the ignition, the TFT message center can be fully configured to display just about any piece of information needed, from the complementary home screen layout to the user-configurable data group screens!

Starting from scratch, a CNC machined housing is filled with electronics designed and built in-house, helping Dakota Digital once again raise the bar for aftermarket instrumentation. Bluetooth integration, GPS technology and RGB backlighting with a full color TFT screen provide the technology that you want.

The RTX Series offers the timeless look of yesterday, with the features and functionality of today!


  • Provides Bluetooth integration, GPS technology and RGB backlighting with a full color TFT screen
  • Retains the stock look, without sacrificing the late-model features
  • Made in USA
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