Summit Racing Announces Their Line of Lightweight Transmission Crossmembers

Dropping weight, increasing strength and adding additional functionality is the perfect combination when it comes to upgrading your vehicle. Even when it comes to full-frame vehicles like GM’s G-body and A-body cars, there’s always things that can be done to increase strength and rigidity.

Summit Racing has stepped up with their new line of transmission crossmembers for GM vehicles, equipped with various GM automatic transmissions. Available for most A-body and G-body cars, Summit offers different versions of these crossmembers for your car and the transmission that you have. You can learn more in the official released below, and find which version is right for you HERE.

Official Release:

Summit Racing Lightweight Transmission Crossmembers

Strengthen your transmission support and reduce the weight of your vehicle with Summit Racing lightweight transmission crossmembers. Through advanced design and manufacturing, these crossmembers are stronger than standard boxed-steel transmission crossmembers, while weighing an average of 35-percent less.

The crossmembers are a direct bolt-in and do not require any additional brackets or adapters to complete the installation. They also allow you to run a true dual-exhaust system with most popular GM transmissions and do not affect ground clearance. The welded design with clear powdercoat finish gives these lightweight crossmembers a fabricated look that’s sure to complement your ride. Order the model recommended fit your application.


  • Reduces weight
  • Adds strength
  • Available for different transmissions
  • Adds the ability to run true-dual exhaust
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