Performance Online’s New Black Out Booster

Long gone are the days of simply working if our cars are quick enough in the quarter-mile; now, it’s all about finding that perfect balance of handling, braking and sheer brute force. Streetabilty and decent mileage are perks, too, but those old drums have to go!

I mean let’s face it, in this day and age none of us want to be outclassed by a late-model Euro car in our Chevelle, GTO or Charger. Luckily there are plenty of outlets in which to implement modern amenities and performance capabilities into our prized classics. One place to turn to in particular, is Performance Online.

Not too far back, they’ve made a huge announcement in high-performance braking systems. With the help of Wilwood, they were able to come up with their Black Out line of performance-oriented power brake conversion systems. Check out the additional info they have sent over!

Official Release:

This bold new “BLACK OUT” Power Brake Conversion consists of a 9-inch Black Booster and Black Wilwood Master Cylinder and Wilwood adjustable proportioning valve. Performance Online first introduced this item over 6-months ago and received a huge response. This kit contains a powder coated booster, Black Wilwood High-Performance master cylinder, black adjustable Wilwood proportioning valve and black powder coated brackets to add a nice professional detailed look to your classic. Improves stopping and driver performance tremendously!


  • 9″ Single Black Power Booster
  • Ultra-light black aluminum Wilwood dual chamber Master Cylinder
  • Black Wilwood adjustable prop valve
  • Black powder coated firewall brackets
  • Line fittings and plugs
  • Available for most classic cars and trucks

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