SEMA 2016: Trans Dapt Unveils Universal LS and LT Swap Kits


When GM released the LS1 in the ’97 Corvette, no one could have known how extensive the LS engine family’s reach would span.  Not only in the offerings from the factory, but in the hotrodding arena as well.  For 2015, GM released the Generation-V LT series of engines which are making their way across GM’s lineup.  It was only a matter of time before they started ending up in enthusiast’s projects. Hedman Performance Group now offers mounts for the Gen-V LT family of engines, that will allow users to drop a new LT into their hotrods.  For more we go to Hedman:

Official Release:

All New Hedman LS & LT (Gen 5) Engine Swap Mounts

Trans-Dapt Performance Products has been manufacturing adapters and engine swap products since 1959, and you can count on us to consistently release new, cutting-edge products that keep up with our hobby’s latest trends.  Like the LS at the turn of the millennium, GM’s potent new LT engine is destined to be the next generation “Go To” powerplant for forward thinking car builders, and we’re here to lend a hand.

  • New Kits For Transplanting A Gen 5 LT Engine Into Classic American, Factory SB Chevy Chassis Passenger Cars
  • LS Into 96-04 4.6L Mustang Kit Now Available
  • Heavy-Duty 5/16″ Laser-Cut Engine Plates
  • Complete Kits Include Grade 8 Hardware, Engine Conversion Plates & Mount Pads
  • Made In The USA!
  • One Year Warranty

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