Video: A Look At One Of The Most Iconic Camaro Z28’s Of The Past

In 1979, the Chevy Camaro broke a record that it has not yet been able to match. Despite being one of the most under-powered Camaro’s to that date, more than 280,000 of them were sold making the 1979 year model the most popular Camaro ever. This proves there is more to GM’s signature high-performance muscle car than performance alone.

In a recent YouTube video that is part of a virtual celebration featured on social media called Cruisin’ the U.S.A in your Chevrolet, Chevrolet gives viewers the opportunity to see what made this year’s Z28 standout. Whether you are seeing it up close for the first time or reliving the good old days, this 1979 Camaro Z28 definitely highlights all of the reasons the Camaro was and still is an American icon.

The front and rear bumpers were reworked just one year earlier to a one-piece, color-matched urethane that set the standard for generations to come. The featured car is painted in one of the more infamous coats for 1979 Z28’s, Bright Yellow with a contrasting yellow and orange decal package on the non-functional hood scoop, fender flairs, doors, and rear spoiler. The interior featured brown leather upholstery and a 130-MPH speedometer with chrome bezels.

The Z28 was fitted with a 5.7-liter V8 topped with a Quadrajet 4-barrel carburetor that was rated at 170-horsepower. While compared to today’s cars that are pushing closer to four digits this power rating may seem small but at the time it was a tough competitor to other muscle cars and was the most powerful option for the 1979 year model.

This is an awesome example of a classic Camaro that accurately displays the history of the Camaro Z28 and how it overcame strict emission regulations to remain one of the most popular muscle cars ever.

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