VIDEO: Unusual Uses for a Firebird – The World’s Fastest Hi-5?

Finding new content to feed our classic musclecar fans is becoming increasingly easier, thanks to the worldwide appeal of the cars in which they covet. Nothing says, “badass” more than a rumbling American V8, stuffed into a timeless body style and the soundtrack that’s packaged together with it.

Even our friends overseas get it; even as far as Budapest, where the origins of this particular film stems from. Shot by our friends at Turbometal Motorblog, it showcases a beautiful 1971 Firebird Formula 400, used as a stunt car car for something quite unusual. In this case, “The World’s Fastest Hi-5,” and we’re not kidding, either.

Securing two stuntmen to the pavement evenly apart on either side of the car (allowing about two feet between person and Pontiac on either side), the driver of the Formula has to get his timing and his spacing exactly right – in order for he and his passenger to get their hands lined up to the other two individuals. Most people would say this is completely stupid and dangerous, and we’d have to agree, but we give them props for going there.

Packing 335 hp, and presumably, enough torque to rip someone’s arms off while at speed, the Firebird has to cover a distance of 1,000 ft. at a speed of 66 kph (roughly 41 mph). This quadrant of European daredevils take it all in stride in the name of science. Luckily, the car gods above were looking down, and apart from it apparently making painful contact, everyone walked away seemingly OK.

We shouldn’t have to suggest that nobody try this at home, but for you 12-year olds out there reading this, heed our advice. Although it might make for a cool looking video, once is all we need.


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