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photos by: YearOne Muscle Car Parts

When it comes to our classic musclecars, there’s one name that’s synonymous with restoration and performance; YearOne Musclecars. YearOne had gotten its start in 1981, by offering owners of first-gen Pontiac Firebirds restoration parts and accessories for their hard-to-find needs. As time marched on and their product lines expanded, YearOne has taken hold of GM, Ford and Chrysler vehicles as well!

We’ve recently partnered up with them to not only highlight their latest products, but to introduce (or reintroduce) you to their product lines and in-house restoration services. So what we’ve done, is complied a collection of some of our favorite hardware from YearOne for you below. Keep in mind, YearOne offers a full array of restoration and performance hardware for your classic musclecar, but the posted items below merely provide an example of what can be had from YearOne.

Also be sure to enter code, “TM15” when you place your order with YearOne, as you can receive as much as 15% off of your order!


YearOne has been making a huge splash with their innovative 17-inch retro aluminum wheels for various vehicles. They currently offer a selection of vintage replica wheels in modern 17-inch diameter in cast aluminum in either 8- and 9-inch widths. They also offer billet aluminum Honeycomb and Snowflake wheels for the Pontiac Firebird Trans Am; in 18-20 inch diameters and from 8-inch, all the way up to 12-inch diameters.

The also come in the correct backspacing for your particular vehicle,  to save you the embarrassment of rolling around in a goofy offset that doesn’t quite fit your ride. YearOne knows your time is valuable, so they also accept the OEM center cap and lug nuts so you won’t have to chase down additional parts.

If you like the look of your factory wheel, but desire modern tire sizes and improved handling, then check out the modern interpretations of the classic Magnum, Mopar Ralleye, Pontiac Honeycomb & Snowflake, Chevy N90 or Rally wheels from YearOne!

Body Panels

From fenders, to door panels and even aftermarket fiberglass hoods, YearOne has got what you need for your favorite musclecar! This isn’t limited to the obvious Camaros and Mustangs, either, as we’ve even found plenty of body panels for Buicks, Mercurys and Plymouths, too! We spotted this Glasstek fiberglass hood for the ’70-72 Buick Skylark and Skylark GS models!

If you’re an OE type of guy, then it should be said that all of the steel sheet metal that YearOne offers has been licensed through the OEM, so all dimensions are the same as the factory pieces, helping eliminate any potential fitment issues or incorrect body lines.



Whether you’re looking for that hard-to-find engine callout fender emblem, rear window seal or the chrome grille trim for your ’65 Mustang, YearOne has you covered. We recently went parts shopping for our project Chevelle on their site, and found pretty much everything we need!  You can buy one piece or the whole trim package for cars like the Mustang below!

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 5.39.56 PM


We know rebuilding your numbers-matching, date-code correct or making a complete engine swap can be tough, but our friends at YearOne make it a whole lot easier with their complete inventory of engine components and crate motors. If you need an alternator for your Big-Block Chevrolet, an air cleaner decal for your Hi-Po 289 or an intake manifold for you 440 Mopar, YearOne has it. They even carry parts and accessories for modern engines, too!



Sitting behind your high-revving small-block or stump-pulling big-block is the next most crucial piece of hardware in your entire car – the transmission! If yours has bit the dust or missing completely, the boys at YearOne can set you up with various viable options, including this Bowler-sourced TH400 for Chevy and other various GM musclecars. If you own a Ford or Chrysler, they can connect you with one from TCI, Performance Automatic or Richmond. If you simply need to replace an oil pan, shift linkage or any other hard part, it can be had at YearOne!



Yup, they have you covered if you need anything pertaining to your electrical system, including distributors, coils, general electrical wiring harness, battery cables and even the horn, like our ’69-70 Road Runner horn featured below. If you need a complete dashboard, they can source you one through Classic Dash with optional Auto Meter gauges! From voltage regulators to spark plugs, YearOne is your one stop shop for your electrical accessories!



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