Video: Cummins Diesel Powered 1965 Ford Galaxie

The 1965 Ford Galaxie represented a time when Ford was shaking off the ’50 era of cars. It had a cleaner front end, broader silhouette, and more importantly, the updated engine line. One auto builder in Fayette, GA didn’t think Ford made the right decision with the stock engine options. This Galaxie’s owner thought a Cummins Diesel would be a much better fit for the classic Ford.

Currently up for grabs on Craigslist, the seller refers to it as an “Extreme Rat Rod” build. They also go on to mention that it looks like an average 4-door rat rod, but some would find that single stack coming out of the hood is a little suspect.

On the other end of that single stack is a Cummins diesel engine from a 1995 truck. The engine has been upgraded to pump out over 500 horsepower to carry the ~3,500-pound body. There’s no mention of the specific transmission, but it does have a manual valve body and lock-up torque converter.

Not to deviate too far from the factory color scheme, the builder stuck with a satin black body, and satin gold roof and wheels. The headlights shine green, made to give it a Green Hornet look. The badging was done in gloss to make the finished product pop. The interior is all black with brushed gold piping.

All in all, this Ford Galaxie is pretty extreme. It’s definitely unlike any other Galaxie we’ve ever seen. This coal rolling extreme build is looking for a new home, but the owner is obviously sad to see it go. If nothing else, it’s one heck of head turner. Just based on looks alone, this is a pretty cool build. We’ll leave it up to you to judge the decision to put a diesel in this classic Ford.


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