Inglese EZ EFI Self-Tuning Eight Stack System for Ford FE

feOne of the few downsides to owning a classic musclecar include high fuel consumption, questionable reliability and so-so drivability. Sure, you can jump on the late-model engine into a classic car bandwagon, which is cool. But if you’re like us, then you want to blend your classic and modern technology as much as possible and that’s exactly where companies like Inglese Induction Systems come in.

Official Release:

EZ-EFI Self Tuning Eight Stack System – Ford FE

The Inglese EZ-EFI Induction Systems may look like classic Weber induction, but these technically advanced systems deliver increased performance, cold starts and drivability for your street rod, muscle car or restored classic. Additionally, they are capable of supporting engines up to 1000 horsepower and allow a much broader camshaft selection than a carbureted setup.

The new EZ-EFI Eight Stack Induction Systems employ advanced FAST EZ-EFI electronics and FAST Precision-Flow GM LS7-Style Fuel Injectors (purchased seperate) that are integrated into our exclusive cast aluminum 50mm IDA-style throttle bodies. The EZ-EFI is a self learning fuel injection system that tunes itself as you drive and does not require the use of a laptop. Simply answer a few easy questions on the system’s hand-held unit. The EZ-EFI controller will then use that information to establish the base tuning file, and then “learn” as you drive, while honing in on the optimum tune. It really is that easy. EZ-EFI can even be used with your existing carb. distributor.

Inglese EZ-EFI Eight Stack Systems are designed to use custom-engineered, low-profile fuel rails that sit below the stacks and between the throttle bodies for a much cleaner look. Also featured are aircraft-quality aluminum linkages that are designed to provide smooth and trouble-free actuation. These sophisticated systems are engineered to deliver reliable service under normal heat environments and avoid the common linkage binding found with many inferior systems.


  • FAST EZ-EFI electronics that can support engines all the way up to 1000 HP
  • Requires stacks, injectors & fuel system; Otherwise a complete 8-stack, EFI conversion
  • User can choose a camshaft from wider selection than Weber carburetors allow
  • Low-profile fuel rails sit between throttle bodies for excellent driver visibility
  • Aircraft-quality aluminum linkage delivers smooth actuation
  • Stacks, Injectors & Fuel System Sold Seperately Based On Your Application

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