VIDEO: Jim Morrison Takes a Ride in a Classic Mustang

Riders on the Storm is said to be the last song composed by all four of the original members from The Doors as frontman, Jim Morrison, would die just a few weeks after the track was laid down. Like with any song sung by Morrison, it has a much deeper, much more ominous meaning that can be analyzed for days — as opposed to just about anything that’s composed today. The video that goes along with the song, is actually an excerpt form the indie film written a directed by Morrison called, HWY: An American Pastoral.

As the lyrics of the song indicate, a hitchhiker, played by Jim, hops behind the wheel of a Ford Mustang Shelby GT-500 (his personal car in real life -Ed.). Without explanation, Jim ends up piloting the awesome pony car in the scene following his pickup. This scene is accompanied by some interesting visual and sound effects (we can’t explain, it’s a Doors video), and a stop at an old school gas station.

This really shows how much gas stations have changed along the years. First of all, smoking used to be no big deal, try doing that now without the weight of judgmental stares. Also, the attendants fill up the Stang, clean up the windows, and check it out before sending Jim on his way with an awkward hand gesture.


Morrison then takes the Mustang out for an anger ride, whipping it around in the desert, and having some kind of Jim Morrison style breakdown. He makes a quick stop for a gaze upon a few people hanging out, then it’s back to driving, where Jim seems to be in a more friendly mood as he makes friends with other drivers in traffic. To wrap up the video, Jim Morrison appears to find a group of people to hang with by the water, so it’s a happy ending for all. The video itself is really just exactly what you’d expect from the Doors and Jim Morrison, and the cars make it a cool little throwback to check out.

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