VIDEO: LS-Swapped C10 Makes us Fall in Love at Holley LS Fest 2016

Yeah, we get it; LS-swap this, LS-swapped that… just about everywhere you look now you’ll find one of these 21-century darlings under the hood of something. They’re not hard to find and just about everybody is doing it! Now you can cry and complain that “once you’ve seen an LS-swapped [insert vehicle here] you’ve seen them all,” and a lot of you throwbacks yearn for the days of when traditional small-block and big-block power ruled the roost.

Thing is, there’s a very good reason for the shift towards the modern powerplant and our friends at Holley Performance are here to help us provide insight, courtesy of this incredibly well-put-together video during the 2016 Holley LS Fest. The event brings in an eclectic array of gearheads form all across the country, all of which, have an undying passion for the modern-day Chevrolet small-block V8.

The vehicle at the spotlight of this video is a square-body Chevy C10 pickup, built by Jessie Vaughn and the crew at Level 7 Motorsports. The Level 7 boys dropped in a LSA-supercharged LSX mill with a whole host of Holley-sourced hardware; including Earl’s fuel system components, Hooker Blackheart motor mounts, a Frostbite radiator, Dominator EFI system, fuel pumps, inline fuel filter and Hooker stainless headers and exhaust.

Some of the other notable features of this all-original bodied C10, include Forgeline wheels, a Recaro racing seat, Wilwood brakes, transmission and differential coolers and a roll bar. It sets the tone on where the truck guys are going, and where the hot-rodding trend is heading altogether. Thanks to events like the Holley LS Fest, you get to see a culmination of drag racing, autocross, road racing and even drifting, all in one event! As long as vehicles like this continue to lead by example, we think the LS-swap trend will be at the forefront of hot rodding for years to come.

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