The Block Interviews Dale Jr.


Our friends over at The Block, essentially Chevrolet Performance‘s in-house enthusiast magazine, recently interviewed third-generation NASCAR racing legend, Dale Earnhardt Jr. The reason behind the interview was not because of his previous championship wins, his father and grandfather’s legacy or what it’s like on the banked turns at Daytona.

Nope, the reason for the interview was to simply get an inside look at his pair of classic, pro-touring musclecars that were built by none other than road-racing specialists, Detroit Speed and Engineering – or DSE for short. Of course by musclecars, what we really mean is two of the most badass 1st- and 2nd-gen Camaro pony cars in North Carolina!

Being located less than an hour away from our friends at DSE, Dale Jr. has a tendency to contact them for his pro-touring builds. You see, DSE just doesn’t sell suspension hardware; they sell basically everything you need for your old-school musclecar to transform it from a one-trick pony, to a full-bore, corner carving monster.

They can simply sell you the hardware you need for your car, or you can send your vehicle to their Moorseville, North Carolina shop and have them completely rebuild it from the ground up! We’ve recently visited our friends at DSE a few months back, and to say that their facility was impressive would be a huge understatement.

Turning our attention back to the Camaros, and it becomes quickly apparent as to why The Block chose to focus on these cars in the first place. The styling, care and attention to detail in each respective build almost jumps out and bites you, and it lends a few new ideas to those old school guys who are used to the street/strip format, or that LS-crazed madman who now expects to see that typical, black intake manifold sitting on top of the engine under the hoods of his favorite cars.

You can read the full interview from our friends at The Block, HERE.


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