VIDEO: Mecum Auctions to Host the First Hardtop ’65 Mustang

The Ford Mustang is an American national treasure; it started the pony car genre at exactly the same time the muscle car era kicked off during the mid-60s. Based on the modest Falcon platform, and using as many parts bin hardware as much as possible to help keep costs down, the Mustang was a product aimed squarely at the Baby Boomer market.

Initially offered with a 260 ci. V6 or your choice of a 6-cylinder engine, the Mustang would earn more color, trim and performance options, a new engine package (289-ci V-8) and even higher sales numbers than the previous and initial model year.

Over time, the Mustang would grow in size, engine displacement and personality — eventually shedding its “secretary’s car” stigma and humble sporty coupe for more hardcore performance orientation (i.e., BOSS 429, MACH1 351, 428 SCJ, etc). However, there’s a low-performance early example that’s been causing quite a stir recently, and that the ’65 Mustang you see here.

You see, this isn’t just another ordinary hardtop Mustang that you’re looking at — it’s in fact, the very first hardtop ’65 ‘Stang to roll off of the assembly line, per its VIN number and accompanying documentation. While not a particular fast or powerful example (it’s powered by a 170 ci. powerplant), it’s still certainly a very collectible and priceless piece of Mustang history. Even more enticing, is the fact that the Ford pony will be hitting the Mecum Auctions block, too, in Indianapolis during the weeks of May 16-21.

You can learn more about the car in the posted video above, and by visiting the link back to Mecum’s site, HERE.

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