Video: The BLOCK Showcases Adrienne Peters’ Monte Carlo

While at the Design on Woodward car show, a segment at the Woodward Dream Cruise in Motor City, the BLOCK spent some time Director of Chevrolet Performance Car Exterior Design, Tom Peters and his daughter Adrienne. During their time, they got to check out Adrienne’s personal car, a 1970 Chevy Monte Carlo. The menacing satin black Chevy had such an amazing presence that the crew instantly fell in love. This project was a total labor of love with no stone left unturned so Adrienne’s very specific vision could be achieved.

Photos from The BLOCK

Adrienne’s Monte Carlo is both highly custom, and well done — this is no Frankenstein, pieced together car. A lot of the inspiration for the build came from the early days of stock car racing. The ultra-wide Corvette rally wheels are a pronounced example of this.

For every step of this complicated build, Adrienne was hands-on. She was involved in every sub-project, doing most of the work herself, while receiving guidance from the experts at Kustom Creations, Inc., as well as Art Burgess. Her dad, Tom, was also ready to lend a hand when needed, and considering his position, he was likely a valuable resource in many areas.

The interior has some major stock car racing vibes with its pistol grip shifter, custom dash, Sparco racing seats, exposed Dynamat, 6-point cage, and fire extinguisher.

You’re not gonna find any rust on the body since this car came from the south, and started off with a great platform, but still need quite a bit of work to make it the stunning and sinister car it is today.

Powering the build is an engine with plenty of bite to match the Monte Carlo’s bark. Adrienne made the decision to put in a bored out 454ci big block to 462ci engine with a built top end. Carrying the power to the 12-bolt rearend is a turbo-400 transmission, and the Monte Carlo rides on massive 90/45R15 M & H Racemaster drag radials, with 70/30 Lakewood drag shocks at the front, and QA1 coilovers in the rear.

This is definitely a car to be proud of as Adrienne did a stellar job on her Monte Carlo!

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